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A tip too good to keep to myself...

I am a compulsive shopper , but I am frugal. In the past, that has been a difficult balance to strike. However, today, my luck improved. I met my new cyber best friend, the Coupon Dork. He's the best type of friend. He's always available and has exactly what I need, discount codes and coupons! Because I am not selfish, I'll share him with all of you. If you want to make an internet purchase, find the item, but before you confirm your sale, go to to get a discount code or coupon. He'll hook you up! Happy shopping!!!

Life is busy, change (your clothes) wisely...

I'm a runner. However, I have lots of responsibilities. Accordingly, sometimes I have to change on the fly. I've changed in cars, my office, closets, you name it. Recognizing the potential embarrassment from getting caught in a compromising position, I am beyond careful. Indeed, I have mastered the art of changing clothes without ever actually being exposed. What can I say, it's a talent. To date, I have never gotten caught. (Know that I am knocking on wood as I type this... :-)) I have recently learned that not everyone shares my sense of modesty. Some people, just let it all hang out, even if they are in public. The other day, I came across a man in his boxers in one of the busiest parking garages in downtown Pittsburgh . When I realized that he wasn't wearing pants, I tried not to look. However, it was hard not to. He was not even trying to be discreet. Moreover, he was directly in my line of sight. He was standing outside of his car, changing under a light rig

The Rules of Platonic Relationships...

Cover via Amazon While accepting a Golden Globe the other night Kate Winslet gushed, “Leo, I’m so happy I can stand here and tell you how much I love you and how much I’ve loved you for thirteen years.” She was of course referencing Leonardo DiCaprio , her Titanic co-star, and apparently her constant love ever since. Her comment would have probably gone unnoticed and been dismissed as the dramatic ramblings of an actress had Ms. Winslet not been married to someone else. Indeed, her husband was in the audience. To be sure, she thanked her husband as well and expressed her love for him. However, her effusive expressions of love for Leonardo DiCaprio got me to thinking about the appropriate rules for platonic relationships. I have a friend whom I love dearly. Like Kate and Leo, we have been friends for years. Initially, it was a romantic connection. We had the intense chemistry of teenagers. However, our relationship always lacked some of the elements necessary for a love

Despite the elements, I heeded the call to run...

The Steelers weren’t the only Pittsburghers who had a great sports day today. I had a great run . I am training for the Pittsburgh marathon. Today I decided that I would not let frigid weather, my fatigue, or my late Saturday night stop me from getting my miles in today. I live by Heinz Field , where the Steelers play. My run took me through the fans walking to the stadium. And I their energy bolstered my spirits, just like they did for the Steelers. In the interest of full disclosure though, the fans were not uniformly supportive of my running efforts. Some cheered me, but others ridiculed me. I heard everything from “Go Girl” to “You’re crazy!”. As I ran, I decided that just like publicity, there’s no such thing as a bad cheer. Every cheer made me run stronger, longer, and faster. I figured that there was no sense in me being cold and embarrassing myself in front of a bunch of people. I got a little too caught up though. I ran about 10 miles and it was only abou

The death of a sweetheart: Commentary About a High School Sweetheart

The other evening I heard that one of my high school sweethearts was murdered, in cold blood, in his driveway. It’s a tragic story that would tug at my heart strings even if I didn’t know the victim. However, knowing the victim makes it life changing.     Reflections on my High School Sweetheart Tyrone was charming, gregarious, and had the kind of smile that lit up every room that he entered. His laugh was infectious. However, Tyrone was also an incredible football player . And, in our high school, like in most around the country, this made him a bit of a star. Like everyone else, I was a fan. However, he was also my friend. Eventually, during my senior year, I developed a rather large crush on him. It was inevitable. We had opportunity. He was a football player. I was a cheerleader. And he was also tall, dark, and had the deepest dimples that I’d ever seen. Because I was a high school girl, I plotted with my friends to get him to see me as more than a f

This New Year is Full of Promise...

I have lived long enough that I have greeted the New Year in almost every imaginable way. As a child, I used to greet the New Year watching Dick Clark and enjoying sparkling grape juice . Later, I began attending church on New Year’s for Watch Night Service. I have spent New Year’s Eve in the arms of my beloved. And, I have heard the clock strike twelve while I was being kissed by someone I knew I didn’t love. I have cheered at midnight in the middle of a party with fireworks overhead. And, I have fallen asleep and missed the beginning of the New Year. Last night, however, was the first time that I spent New Year’s Eve bar hopping . Admittedly, bar hopping was not my first choice. I had been expecting to be on an island somewhere—relaxing, resting, and reveling in my good fortune. As the clock struck twelve, I was grateful to greet the year safe and sound. I was happy that I had an enjoyable evening. And, I felt blessed that I had spent the night meeting friends tha