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Comments from Vacation: Foiled by the Toddler

 The Gulf of Mexico Vacation with a toddler means that you need to be able to improvise. However, even when you do, you stil may be no match for the tricky toddler! We arrived in Clearwater Beach, Florida last Wednesday night by way of Orlando. We drove a couple of hours to Clearwater Beach and arrived at the Hilton. True Confession : The Hilton has got me. Somehow I began this journey with them and accumlated enough points that our time in Clearwater was free. FREE! Well, not exactly free. I read that hotel points are worth about 1.7 cents per dollar paid for them. I'd be depressed if some of those stays hadn't been paid by my employers! :-) Still, regardless of how it happened, not having to come out of pocket for the room was AWESOME! (If you haven't heard, diapers are expensive!) One funny memory from Clearwater was when the toddler caught me trying to sneak out of the room. Andre was asleep. The toddler was napping and I was sitting on the balcony baski