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Wet T-Shirts and Other Embarassing Things...

In addition to the deep and the tragic, a lot of funny things happen in Chaton’s World. Today, I inadvertently found myself on display in a wet t-shirt at the Post Office . Despite promising my life coach that I would stop procrastinating, alas I have not. So, even though I knew that I needed to go to the Post Office after work I ate dinner and watched the news instead of going straight to the Post Office. I thought that I had time for everything. And besides, I was hungry and the sun was shining. Suddenly, it was clear that I had run out of time. Out of nowhere, it got dark, the sky opened up, and I still had to go to the Post Office. I had to pay a fine associated with another lapse in judgment—speeding in Virginia where they have the steepest penalties. The fine was due so there was no turning back. Also, the rain was coming down in sheets so an umbrella would have been futile. So, I dashed to my car, drove to the Post Office and ran in to handle my business. Once inside I