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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: Election Day 2012

It seems as if Election 2012 has been going on forever. Both campaigns have marketed this as a contest between good and evil . Depending on who you support will determine who you think is good and who you think is evil. This Election has been going  on forever. If you believe the media, the nation is divided. Based on my observations, up until today, the nation was just tired. But today, Election Day , is different.  I am an attorney and today I am working on the voter protection effort. My purpose is clear and I have a solitary mission. I have been assigned to this location to ensure that every registered voter has the opportunity to vote.  Based on my experience at one voting location in Pittsburgh , the nation is on fire and turning out to vote.  Elections are about people. My time at the polls has reminded me that voting isn't just about pundits and politics. It's about people. It's about people who work hard, love their families, and ha