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International Women's Day: Let's Celebrate Women!

Today is March 8th. People all across the world are celebrating International Women's Day. In some countries, it's is a nationally observed holiday. In America it is not. However, I am celebrating this holiday because I am in favor of all opportunities to promote women and the interests of women. And I am using it as the basis of my post for today. Until I got to college I never really viewed being a woman as being a part of a political group with unique interests and needs. Other than biological functions, I never considered that being a woman might influences my choices and experiences. In college, even though I never took a Women’s Studies class, I became educated. We had a serial rapist on my campus when I was a student. I became afraid to walk around by myself. I could no longer afford to ignore that being a woman’s different. Becoming a professional woman provided me with a more comprehensive education . I learned that professional life for women and men can be