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How to Make a Relationship Last: "Love Blindness"

In relationships, we place a high premium on truth , but is there really anything wrong with illusions? I read an article recently by Helen Fisher , PhD. She argued that the key to long lasting romance is the ability to believe, at all times of your relationship, that your partner is as ideal for you as he/she was when you met. The concept is known as “love blindness”. Apparently, idealizing our beloved benefits us and the relationship because we tend to view positively the object of our affection. I think that her argument has merit based on the relationships that I have observed that have failed, including my own. Many have failed because like Dorothy, over time, the partners get a glimpse of what is behind the curtain and learn that their loved one is rather ordinary. One of the reasons that I have been fortunate enough to have several significant romantic relationships is because in the beginning all I see is wonderful.  I believe that my partner is the smartest,