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A Delicious Black Bean Soup With Lime Shrimp for Dinner

Black bean soup with lime shrimp Certain questions constantly plague working moms: 1) Should we even make the effort to fold laundry ever ? 2) Is there a cosmic conspiracy to keep us running ragged?  and 3) What's for dinner? I can't answer the first two questions. However, I have answer to the last one and my answer is delicious and appropriate since it's Black History Month !

Working Mom Tip: One Dish Chicken and Rice Dish

  Making Dinner Fast, Nutritious and Economical As a working mom, I struggle to provide my family with nutritious meals that my are easy to make, fast, and economical. I also want those meals to be nutritious and delicious. These are ambitious goals that I have achieved by relying on things learned during my childhood.   Growing up I wondered why my parents served us so much chicken ! In the mind of a child chicken seemed predictable and boring. Now that I am a parent I understand. Chicken is predictable and boring, but it is also high in protein and relatively low in fat. It is also economical and readily available. So, it is an inexpensive way to provide your family with good quality protein.  (The organic or free range chicken will cost you a bit more, but many families can still fit it into their budget.)    As a working mom, I have followed in my mother's working mom footsteps and have succumbed to the same meal choices. That means, I serve a lot of chicken. If

Sick and Single...

Sex and the City frequently captured the sentiments of single life with a punctuation mark . Frequently the question posed was "Single and Fabulous?" The insertion of the question mark says it all, doesn't it? In one episode, Samantha hosted a party for the girls replete with music, appetizers, and cocktails. They seemed to have it all. However, the next scene showed Samantha sick with the flu and alone. When she was fun, sexual Samantha she had a plethora of suitors. When she was needy and sick, no men could be found. Nothing reinforces singledom like being sick. Everyone digresses. You want your mommy or at least a mommy substitute who will make you soup , bring you juice and rub your tummy. When you're single, you spend your sick days trudging to the kitchen to make your own soup and get your own juice. Invariably you lose weight. Everyone thinks that you lose weight because you lost your appetite. However, often you're hungry. You are just too damned