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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Keep Standing!

"I'm still standin!"-- Elton John   As you know, this blog is about my quest for balance in my stilettos.   I generally discuss my figurative quest. However, recently the Australian Prime Minister had a literal problem with maintaining balance and she failed. She fell down in front of dignitaries and it was recorded on YouTube .   I feel for her. Stilettos are the last thing that you want to wear on grass.   They get stuck and make walking awkward. However, the worst thing that has happened to me is walking out of my pumps without a pedicure! I am sharing this video to encourage other working women who may think that they’re having a bad week. No matter how high your self esteem. No matter how much confidence you have. And no matter what job you have, you may even be prime minister, maintaining your balance in stilettos is a struggle. And falling down at work sucks! I have had a tough week. However, I have decided that I will define success differe