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Mommy Mondays: Many women are doing it all, but are they happy???

I began Monday morning like many working mothers--exhausted and questioning where the weekend went. As working mothers we have two full time jobs. We are professionals and mothers. We have to manage their careers and manage our households. Two full time jobs requires a great deal of energy and involves compromise.   Often women leave the work force because they simply cannot figure out how to "have it all" and maintain their sanity. In my experience from talking with women the lack of supportive work environments cause them to leave the workforce because doing it all becomes too hard.  And from personal experience, on Monday mornings it is damned hard especially when I'm tired and leave my daughter with a smile on her face after she asks me for a hug because she wants just one moe moment with mommy...   Many women are doing it all, but do they like it??? Given that something like over 60% of mothers work, people aren't asking the question about "c

READING ON THE RUN: Articles of Interest to Moms and Working Women (Feminism, Sex, and Work)

Below are four articles that I believe will be of interest to moms and working women. ENJOY!!!   The Anniversary  of The Feminine Mystique   This is the anniversary of The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan , a book that is widely viewed as the feminine manifesto.   It may not have launched the feminist movement , but it did bring it more attention.   Indeed,  it is a book that has launched a thousand activists. It is also a book, as you will see in the articles below, that remains relevant. To be honest, I have never read it. However, I have benefited from it.  Also, like all women under 50 I have heard about it for years and its principles have influenced my life. Also, the reviews of it make clear that the attention that Ms. Friedan brought to the issue of the role of women in this country opened a lot of doors for women. For that reason, I decided to compile a few articles.   One is about the anniversary of Ms. Friedan’s book and the others are about issues affect