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Working Mom Tip: Dr. Seuss Books--On Sale!

    Reading to your child is one of the best ways that you can build closeness and teach your child to have a love to reading. And one of the most beloved authors for children is Dr. Seuss.   Indeed, since his birthday was earlier this month, 'tis the season for Dr. Seuss ! (Below is a link for you to take advantage of the deal noted above.)   Let's Celebrate Dr. Seuss By Promoting Reading! You've probably already heard that it was DR. SEUSS's birthday on March 2nd, and that it was READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY on March 1st. But, there's still time to tap into Dr. Seuss mania :) Here’s a great deal on Dr. Seuss books. They make great gifts for showers, birthday and would be great in an Easter basket! Every child should have a set of Dr. Seuss books on their shelves at home, right? Mine does. We were fortunate to get a set as a shower gift from some very wise mommy friends who understood that once kids hit the toddler years, nothing beats Dr. Seuss.

Movies and Mix Ups: When a Promotion Goes Bad

On Saturday I got up excited to see a premiere of the new Lorax movie.   I got up early. Got dressed. Got my daughter ready. All before 9:30 AM.   This was no small feat. Remember, I have a toddler . My fellow Pittsburgh blogger, Natalie from hooked us up with passes. Unfortunately, we never saw the movie. The premiere turned out to be a promotion gone bad. I was excited to see the movie and very proud that we made it out of the house . I also invited my cousin and her daughter to join us. Nothing is better than free, family fun! Unfortunately, AMC Loews Waterfront capitalized on that enthusiasm and distributed WAY too many passes to the movie. About thirty families were denied access to the movie.   We were among them.   So, my efforts to get out of the house were for naught. The appropriate mommy/daughter outing outfits,   wasted. My feeling about AMC Loews Waterfront were changed… I’m a big girl, I understand that they wanted to ens