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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: Check Me Out on iQ: Smart Parent

 Me and show host, Angela Santomero I have been discussing the role of technology in the lives of working mothers quite a bit lately. I’ll likely have a few more posts about the topic because it is both vast and fascinating. In many ways it is the most perfect contradiction. Technology was designed to make our lives easier, but it can be seductive to the point of distraction and can be misused. The same can be said about the use of technology by our kids. If you believe the advertisements, technology can simplify our lives and our parenting.   However, how can any parent feel confident that they’re using it effectively?     Have you ever felt guilty about using the television or iPad as a babysitter that helps to occupy your child while you clean your house, talk on the phone or do work from home? Have you ever used technology to teach your child things that you have neglected to teach them yourself like how to count, colors, or how to use the potty? Have you wo

A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: Check Me Out on IQ Parent this Sunday

Me and the host, Angela Santomero I am honored to be affiliated with the WQED IQ: Smart Parent Program. WQED is a PBS member television station that is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The IQ:Smart Parent Program is focused on helping us parent better in theses changing times called the 21st Century. As a working mom I am particularly interested in this program.  With all of my responsibilities, I don't have time to research everything myself. So, I value these programs, created by the same station that produced "Mister Rodgers Neighborhood", that help me become a better parent.   Today, WQED will be hosting a “marathon” of IQ:Smart Parent shows that deal with the topic of the influence of media and technology on our children. It’s a very relevant topic given the increase use that technology plays in our lives and our children’s increased exposure to media,  especially in a world when they can get it 24/7. (Find the shows on Comcast Channel 9.)' “Lea