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Goodbye Michael Jackson, hello to life...

As I watch Michael Jackson’s memorial service I am inhaling and exhaling slowly and deliberately. It would be convenient to say that I am doing it because of what he meant to me. However, the truth is I breathe deeply whenever I am at a funeral, hear about a plane crash, or otherwise am touched by death. The death reminds me of how fragile life is. I begin my breathing exercise instinctively. It’s as if I believe that breathing consciously will protect me somehow. We are taught to trust our instincts. Does it then follow that we become aware of our deaths before it happens? When I was in the hospital a couple of months ago, I once felt myself slipping away and I fought it. The feeling was probably caused by my low blood pressure . However, I was afraid that my life would be cut short and I would go too soon. I feared that going to sleep might lead to my death. I knew that I was blessed. However, I arrogantly believed that my willpower made a difference. The media has said tha