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A Peek into the Life of a Blogging Mom: Sunday

Today was a terrific spring day in Pittsburgh . There was warm weather and sunshine! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Still, the day unfolded differently than I had planned. I did some cleaning , although as I type this post at 11:00PM my efforts aren't obvious. I found myself scrubbing the floor in the powder room, wiping down cabinets and cleaning the fan above the kitchen. Now stuff has accumulated in the kitchen. Shall I clean up again? Nah... I think I'll finish this post and have a night cap . Lent is over and I can indulge a bit! I fully intended to go to the mall and get my sunglasses repaired. A few weeks ago we went to dinner with friends and I gave Andre my Kate Spade sunglasses to hold while I tried to keep track of the baby. When he returned them they were scratched. I accept some responsibility because I should have brought the case.   Still, his denial about being at least partly culpable for the scratch irked. No big deal though. I secured another pair