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How to Work a Blogging Conference: Top Five Lessons from the BlogHer'12 Conference!

Blogging conferences make he blogosphere go 'round and tis the season for them.  If it's your first time attending a blogging conference, you'll need a game plan. Fortunately for you, I took the time to write down the top five lessons I learned from attending BlogHer '12.  BlogHer is the mother of all blogging conferences.  And I attended the conference in NYC.  As they say, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Top Five Lessons Learned from BlogHer Chaton's World: A Working Mom's Quest for Balance in Stilettos© : Top Five Lessons from the BlogHer'12 Conference! : As you know, I attended the BlogHer '12 conference last week. It was a whirlwind! I actually only attended the conference for one day s...