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The Secret to Balance, A Peaceful Home

When I walk into my house after a long day I exhale. Even before I take my evening shower my troubles seem to wash off of me. Crossing the threshold makes me feel like I am instantly safe. It may be the candles that fill my first floor with sensual smells even when they’re not lit. It may be the earth tone colors of rust, mustard, and burnt orange that give it the illusion of a sunset. It may the textures of wood and wicker that give it a natural feel. It may be any of those things or perhaps the combination creates an aura of safety. There is something about it though. Because the moment the door is closed I take off my shoes, begin discarding unwanted clothes, and feel myself relax. When I enter my home, I am living on my own terms. There are no external deadlines, demands, or disagreements. There is no unnecessary noise. And there is no stress. When I was younger, I devalued the importance of serenity and balance in my home. However, I think that once we reach a certain lev