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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Writing Feeds My Soul

" Writing is...what I do to justify the air I breathe." -- Nikki Giovanni I call myself a "mommy blogger" because it is catchy and it is descriptive. I am a mother who blogs. However, in reality, I am a writer who found blogging . For me, writing is a necessity. Fortunately, for my sake, I found have an audience with this blog. Writing makes my life make sense. It always has. Still, for a long time, I wrote in silence and under the cloak of secrecy. I was too shy to have my words read by others.   My, how things have changed. I now tell the world about how my child might have consumed feces…   There are several reasons for that, but one is  Cave Canem . Cave Canem is the premier organization for Black poets in this country and one of the most influential organizations for writers in the country. Because of this organization I have had the privileged to meet and get to know very accomplished writers who humble me.