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Reading on the Run: Articles of Interest to Working Moms

(Photo credit: GSCSNJ ) Successful working women keep track of important matters in the news. However, we are not one-dimensional. Some of us also want to keep up with celebrity gossip and fashion news too. Even in the era of the Internet and 24 hour news shows and E!, it can be challenging to keep up with everything. Fortunately for you, I make it my job to keep up on articles of interest to working moms and when I find notable ones, I share them with you. Below are three articles that discuss topics of interest.  One shows that not all celebrity moms believe they have it harder than us “average” working moms like Gwyneth Paltrow does. Indeed, Busy Phillips appreciates the privilege that she has to do what she loves and raise children. We should all be that lucky! One is about sleep travel tips for babies. Something we all can use as we embark on summer vacations. The other is about the best places for working moms to work, in case you’re looking to make a ch