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Tales of Thanksgiving...

I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't have at least a brief posting to pay homage to our national holiday, Thanksgiving. After all of the preparation, we had a good day full of fun, food, and fellowship. However, this wouldn't be Chaton's World if there wasn't a twist. So, let me tell you, something funny happened on the way to Thanksgiving dinner ...  Andre decided to fry the turkey. I had no idea that frying a turkey was such an investment of time, money and faith. First, we had to buy the materials. Instead of going to the turkey fry place and buying a fryer we had to compare. We compared prices and options. We compared the oil -free fryer to the take it out back, pour in the oil, and light up a flame fryer. As you might imagine, the take it out back, pour in the oil, light up a flame fryer won. Apparently, according to Andre, the oil-free fryer is also called the "fake, punk fryer". I didn't see it on the package, but apparently everyb