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Mommy Mondays: Mondays can be a Special Kind of Crazy

As a working mom, experiencing a Monday is kind of like living in the Twilight Zone . This morning I had a meeting downtown at 8:30 AM.   The meeting was at a different place and earlier than I usually work. Since I live near downtown and it was a nice day I decided to walk . I was excited to walk because usually I drive to work. Also, I was proud of myself since walking was a green choice. Walking took planning. Walking meant that I had to wear flats and I had to select clothes that went with them. I have a lot of clothes, but at 5’2” I usually wear stilettos.   However, there’s no way that I could teeter all the way to the meeting in heels.   I settled on a pair of persimmon colored Franco Sarto loafers with a slight heel. They had rubber soles so they were perfect. I found an olive, Marc New York and paired it with a striped blazer. I was excited that I found a good outfit and shoes that I wouldn’t mind wearing all day instead of lugging a pair of shoes with me. When you’re w

Toddler Adventures: Going Out to Dinner

After work, the baby and I had dinner plans. I left work a little late intending to rush to pick her up and off to dinner. However, I couldn’t rush without gas. So, I stopped for gas. It hadn’t gotten any warmer since I had gone to that meeting. So, I had to pump gas in the cold. I also had to endure the lecherous gaze of a guy in an old El Camino who waved at me like we were friends. I’m not sure what his goal was, but the gaze was creepy not sexy. I was glad that others were at the gas station as well reducing the likelihood that he would approach me. Thankfully, after ignoring him he drove away. When I got home, the baby was a vision of toddler cuteness! The nanny had dressed her for dinner in my favorite dress with matching tights. She also managed to get her hair to form perfect curls and topped it with a bow. As they say, she “should have been in pictures!”   Running: The Secret to Restaurant Success With a Toddler We made it to dinner at the Original Fish Market a

What Happened on Monday (Part I)

So how did this Monday turn out? All in all it was good. But, there were some twists and turns. My work days tend to be jam packed. Today was no different.   Work was hectic—full of projects and deadlines. I made it through with pride. I didn’t even mind that the sun failed to make an appearance. Better a dreary Monday than a dreary Sunday. When you live in Pittsburgh sun can be an infrequent visitor. Since Sunday had been so nice I had a sun hangover from the day before and it took a while to get over it. It made me not even mind that it was cold and rainy as I walked to a meeting. Even though I was carrying an umbrella I got wet. It wasn’t that warm summer rain either. It was the “wow this rain is hard and cold. I should have worn tights instead of traipsing around in bare legs in the middle of March in Pittsburgh” kind of rain. Despite the cold and the rain I nearly skipped to my meeting.   Indeed, I was fairly content all day until I realized two things. I may have forgotten t