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A detour into the men's locker room...

I have lots of interesting marathon training stories. However, I never would have guessed that my marathon training would lead me to the center of the locker room of the University of Pittsburgh football team... I have always had an uncanny way of discovering things that I shouldn’t. I’ve seen people cheating on their spouses, learned that relatives were late on their mortgages, and found out that people were no longer married, before they announced their divorce. Some might conclude that I’m nosey. That’s part of it. However, I usually discover these things because I frequently divert from the scheduled path and find myself someplace else. This past Saturday it happened again while I was attending a seminar for the Pittsburgh marathon. I am sure that the event planners thought that there were sufficient bathrooms on the floor when they planned the seminar. However, the wait seemed unnecessarily long to me. And when there is a long wait, I always explore other options. So, I

Things we do when we’re alone...

It might just be me. But put me in a dressing room and with a mirror and some good music and I start dancing! So, last month I was at Barney ’s in San Francisco trying on outrageously priced clothes and it hit me. I look pretty cute in a $3,000 dress . Since it wasn't leaving me the store with me I decided that I should rock it one time for old time sake. The music was hip hop. It had a strong beat and there was rapper instructing me to move. And so I did. Right there in the dressing room in that high falutin’ Prada dress I got a little ghetto with it. Then I remembered that I couldn’t afford the dress. So, I just started to sway. I couldn’t risk any sweat marks in the dress. They might make me buy it. And a little fun wasn’t worth that price. Still, I was in my own world. I could see myself in that dress, dancing at an event with some handsome man. The vision was clear. I was the belle of the ball. And, I was H-O-T!!! Then, a knock on the door by the