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Life Lessons: Be Resilient and Live in The Moment

My baby girl turns one in a week and a half and I can barely stand it.  I am so happy that she is happy and well.  Yes, bloggers she had an encounter with her friend's teeth and has lived to tell about it.  Actually, she hasn't just lived, she's thrived.  (I know that you all knew that would be the outcome, but despite my faith, I needed some reassurance! :-)) Also, she appears to have no recollection of the ordeal and is back to crawling, cruising and exploring.  It appears that babies are resilient and live in the moment.  They are really unhappy when the crisis is upon them.  However, after that moment passes they move on to bigger and brighter things--a different toy, something new to learn, or they find some way to amuse themselves. Perhaps we should all try to adopt that approach.  Maybe all of that stuff that we let get on our nerves and the bitterness that we allow to fester ain't that serious.  Perhaps we should adopt the new age approach and "