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A colossal fashion faux pas...

Unless you're at the Prada equivalent of a blue light special, most shoppers believe that “you get what you pay for”. However, Sarah Palin ’s new wardrobe has given her much more. Her new clothes not only reveal her style, but also reveal the fallacy of the Republican platform.

John McCain, the failed communicator...

John McCain is a good soldier. He has served our country and I will be eternally grateful that he fought for our freedom. However, I cannot bear to listen to him give another speech . And it's not just because I'm a Democrat . I will concede that Sarah Palin 's speech was entertaining. If you failed to listen to the sentiments her speech was amusing. However, listening to John McCain's speech tonight was like watching paint dry. I pray that the country votes for Obama and saves us. We will all be better off without four years of living under McCain's policies, watching him on television, and listening to his speeches!

Lipstick, an apparent leadership requirement

I listened to Sarah Palin ’s speech last night. While impressed by her presentation, I am not a supporter. She’s charming, an entertaining speaker, and her experience as a beauty queen makes her likeable. She wore a nice suit, had her hair down, and she wore lipstick . The combination of all of those things got the crowd excited. As a professed girly girl , I was pleased that she was comfortable enough to be herself. That being said, I resisted the urge to get caught up in her aura. Instead, I listened to what she said. To her credit, she tried to sweeten her offensive, puritan, and repressive ideas with sugar and a smile. However, for me, that did not make the bitter pill go down any easier. As I listened to Governor Palin I was scared. Unlike others, I don’t doubt that she is capable of leading. The real question is where would she lead this country? She is anti-choice in all respects. She is against the freedom to choose an abortion. She is against detailed sex education .