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You Can Teach a New Baby Old Tricks!

I know that I owe you more tips about how to stay glamorous.  First though, here are some tips about feeding an older baby. Although I have committed to breastfeeding for a year, at eight months the baby is eating some solid food . The transition has been an adventure. She hasn’t rejected food like some babies do. Indeed, her transition from breast only to the bottle was seamless too. My baby seems to really like food, in general. She doesn’t really seem that concerned about how she gets it. Her general interest in food seems to be why she tries to grab whatever is on your plate. She looks at it intensely, lunges for it, and gets upset when she doesn’t get it. I imagine her mind is saying, “Everybody else has food, I WANT FOOD!” Her being on solids helps appease her. Although she’s not getting what’s on our plates she at least has a utensil and a bowl. She seems to like that. Honestly, since she was born my baby hasn’t been very interested in being a baby. She has always seem