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A Working Mom Confession: Potty Training Can Disrupt Your Schedule

Toddler seated on toilet with magazine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) " There is not enough Xanax to get you through potty training .. ." Said by a mom on the Internet After work I had high hopes of having a very productive evening. I left work at a decent time and I had an agenda. I had my agenda despite what I have learned by being a working mom, which is " toddlers can be HUGE time wasters". My evening tonight reminded me of the need to be flexible. My daughter had a rough day at school. Apparently, she was antsy and non-compliant. She only earned 9/10 points, but she took it in stride. It turned out that she was antsy and non-compliant because she had to go poopy. Although she is potty trained she struggles with going poopy. It's unclear how she developed this fear, but it is real and it turns our normally joyful toddler into a teary, constipated mess. This evening, I inherited the teary, constipated toddler. It broke my heart and I bec

Reading on the Run: Articles of Interest to Working Moms

Below is a series of articles of interest to working moms. They discuss diverse topics like Korean mothers leaving the workforce to manage their children's education, a working mom who relies on flex time , and my favorite, "The 19 Challenges of Being a Working Mom".   Enjoy!!! What's eating working moms ? The Korea Herald In a recent survey of 710 working moms by recruitment information provider Job Korea, 87 percent said they had thought about quitting of them when their kids fell sick (61.3 percent), when they found it difficult to manage children's education (55.9 ... For working mom Lisa Ramsay Cole, flex time crucial to her success Nashville Business Journal (blog) According to a 2011 University of Chicago study, law has one of the highest working mother "drop out" rates of any career. Nearly 25 percent of mothers with law degrees leave the workforce after 15 years, compared to six percent

Lessons for Working Moms: Nobody Can Replace You!

" More stay-at-home mothers give themselves better marks as parents than do mothers who work outside the home..."  Survey Highlights Conflicts for Working Mothers As a working mom I appreciate that life is full of compromises. I work so that I can provide for my daughter. And I feel guilty about being away. Tonight I came to a realization working isn't the problem. It is the time that I spend away from my daughter that causes me conflict. When did work start consuming me instead of being a way to make a living???