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Celebrating Mother's Day: A Hat Luncheon

" Mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. " - Erich Fromm   Today, I attended the Central Baptist Church Hat Luncheon. It's an annual event and a splendid affair. My grandmother, as a Deaconess at the church, is a hostess. I love to attend to support her. I also like to people watch. No knock on those ladies who attend the Kentucky Derby , but nobody  knows how to wear a hat better than a Baptist church lady. Besides the hats there is the message. You cannot attend an event sponsored by a church without getting a healthy dose of scripture.   Every day is a blessing. The message today was simple. Being alive is a blessing. Knowing who you are is the secret to experiencing a fulfilled life. And, if you have overcome adversity you should be grateful. And, that gratitude should give you confidence and provide you with the strength you need to endure other hardships. The speaker made another point that resonated wi

Infidelity: Do Men Cheat Because Their Rings Are Too Tight...

A few weeks ago while out to dinner with friends a married guy confessed that despite being married for ten years he never really adjusted to wearing his wedding ring . The way he made it sound, the ring was imposed on him the way an orange jumpsuit is imposed on prisoners--and whenever he could, he removed it as a way to make him feel free again. He told us that he took his ring off to shower, cook, and even watch TV. We questioned why he was so uncomfortable. Although it wasn’t really funny, we laughed. Not because it was amusing but because the entire thing seemed so very odd. Now, I have greater insight. The ring didn’t feel so much feel uncomfortable. It was that he never had really taken to marriage. Right after he told me about how frequently he takes off his ring he asked for a kiss. Imagine that?! A married man being bold enough to ask such a question. After declining his request I became intrigued. Years ago I would have asked myself what vibe I had put o