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Memories from 2013...

2013 has been a banner year filled with ups and downs. I could list all of the ups and downs here or you could read some of my old blog posts... Seriously, the biggest thing to mention is that my family and I were enormously blessed this year. We greeted the year together and we ended the year together. What is more important than that?! Here's a video of some of my highlights from 2013. There are photos of me, my family and friends. Check it out. You may find yourself in one of the photos. Enjoy!!!

Friday Tip: Children's Clothes at a Discount!

Pittburghers, New York City just finished celebrating the “ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ”.   So, I thought I’d share a fashion deal with you.   If you have kids or like some, check out Snuggle Bugs and Company! It is a great consignment shop specializing in high quality, stylish clothes that sell for 60% to 90% off of retail! That way you can keep your kids in style without depleting their college fund! Snuggle Bugs & Company is having an upcoming event on September 15th-17th, and 20th-22nd. The store is located in the former Value City Store at 292 Curry Hollow Road. Visit the store and choose from a vast selection of high quality, current items. Shop with ease in a store that is super-organized and connect with other parents who can give you parenting advice for free. (Perhaps I’m the only one who seeks advice from strangers…)   Their site is located at . Check out the store and let me know if you visit!