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Life is busy, change (your clothes) wisely...

I'm a runner. However, I have lots of responsibilities. Accordingly, sometimes I have to change on the fly. I've changed in cars, my office, closets, you name it. Recognizing the potential embarrassment from getting caught in a compromising position, I am beyond careful. Indeed, I have mastered the art of changing clothes without ever actually being exposed. What can I say, it's a talent. To date, I have never gotten caught. (Know that I am knocking on wood as I type this... :-)) I have recently learned that not everyone shares my sense of modesty. Some people, just let it all hang out, even if they are in public. The other day, I came across a man in his boxers in one of the busiest parking garages in downtown Pittsburgh . When I realized that he wasn't wearing pants, I tried not to look. However, it was hard not to. He was not even trying to be discreet. Moreover, he was directly in my line of sight. He was standing outside of his car, changing under a light rig