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A Working Mom's Request: Companies Should Establish Nap Time

Baby taking a nap. Disclosure:          This post is only half serious. I have previously written about sleep deprivation and the working mom . I even advised moms to get more sleep . Now, I have a way that companies can help moms out...   Companies, Establish Nap Time   My company has a no sleeping on the job policy. However, I think that it needs to be revisited. We currently give people breaks for going to the bathroom, eating and smoking (although that will be changing next year). We do not provide nap breaks or even allow people to take them. I think that should be changed. As you know, my daughter recently started pre-school. She's pleased that they incorporate a nap into the curriculum. They recognize that after a day full of stimulation the little ones need a break. I argue that the adults could use one too.   There have been many articles written about the mid-day slump, the afternoon slump and how to maintain your energy and attention after lun