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And the winner is... (Giveaway Results)

The giveaway promotion with "East End Eden" was a tremendous opportunity for me as a blogger. Some bloggers giveaway things all of the time, but this was my first foray into the giveaway space. It is true what they say, giveaways increase your blog traffic lie no other. I think that it's because the only thing that Americans like better than Reality TV is free stuff . I decided to take the plunge for the reason that most bloggers succumb to the lure. I wanted to increase my blog traffic. However, based on my conversations with my readers they are overworked and could use a break from it all.  So, I was thrilled that Emily Escalante decided to give one of my readers the opportunity to win a free massage.  Also, I LOVE "East End Eden" and thought that it was super cool that I could run such a great promotion. The winner is: Kristie Bowman!!! Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, including fellow mommy blogger, Rachel Blaufeld. With the help of

Giveaway: A Free Massage from East Eden Eden (Enter Contest Soon!)

Pittsburghers we have a little piece of paradise and it is not located in  Heinz Field . It is in East Liberty  and it is called "East End Eden" . It’s a wellness center where you can escape from the challenges of the world. It was started by Emily Escalante.  Emily is a true renaissance woman. She is  a former graphic designer who decided to venture on a new path.   After being downsized a few years ago Emily attended Pittsburgh Massage Therapy and became a certified massage therapist . Then, she started “East End Eden”. She also writes a blog called, "The Thirsty Therapist" located at .  She has even assisted the Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Training Camp! Some people get to travel the world like Elizabeth Gilbert and "Eat, Pray, and Love" their way to balance. Most of us have to find our balance locally. In Pittsburgh, thanks to Emily, "East End Eden" is a place where stressed mothers, fathers, and single