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Reflecting on My Blessings: Our Five Minutes of Fame

Mom by the tree I love this time of year. There are so many opportunities to fellowship and celebrate with family and friends and that makes me very happy! It also gives me a lot of opportunities to wear special outfits, which I love!

A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: 4th of July Weekend

As a working mom, I live in a world where I tend to do too much, sleep too little and sometimes forget to attend to some details. That can be problematic when you are traveling with a toddler ... Here's something I wrote about a recent trip to Presque Isle . Traveling with can be challenging for several reasons. The first, it's a toddler, which means that it is a little person discovering the world and learning to potty. So, you spend a fair amount of time in unsavory restrooms and the other time saying, "Do you have to go potty?!" Sometimes it like you're a broken record. The second reason is, toddlers have a really short attention span . So, they get bored fairly easily. That means, you're always trying to entertain them. Sometimes, you just don't feel like doing that! Another reason it's challenging, although there are many, are the sleep rituals.

Reading on the Run: Articles of Interest for Working Moms

Being a parent is an exercise in humility. And when you think that you have the parenting nut cracked something happens that makes you question your cockiness. Your toddler decides to poop on the floor instead of the potty. She nosedives out the crib instead of going down for a nap. Or, perhaps you serve your daughter spaghetti while she is wearing a white shirt and you question whether the red sauce will come out of her shirt. Perhaps that's just me though!   Parenting Articles for Working Moms   In case you are also looking for parenting advice, below are a list of parenting articles that you may find interesting.  They discuss the pros and cons of being a " tiger mom ", the importance of viewing parenting in the big picture, some crazy parenting advice, and a tale about a father with an unorthodox approach to discipline.   Enjoy!    The Queen Bee's Guide to Parenting The Atlantic A new study in the Asian Ameri

Babies, Bills and Surprises!

Photo credit: ABC news True confessions... Sometimes I use my cell phone as a baby soother.  Something about it puts her in a trance. She studies it like an she's an engineer trying to figure out how it works. It's kind of funny actually.  She has three "baby cell phones", but she has little interest in them.  Somehow she seems to know that they're fake and she likes the real one.  I never let her play with it for long, but it can usually buy me 5-10 minutes of free time to do my makeup.

Wednesday Words: Baby Talk (speaking a language she understands)

Yesterday I wanted the baby to stop crawling in the direction she was going and come back me. We were in our great room , which is impossible to close in. Baby in living area with talking table and dinosaur toy, great! Baby in kitchen placing her hands all over the stainless steel refrigerator, not so great. So, I called her name in my best mommy-in-charge voice and said, "Come here!" She completely ignored me in her all too frequent you-are-not-the-boss-of-me-despite-what-you-may-think-attitude.  She didn't even flinch! So, half jokingly and half out of frustration. I started whining really loudly.  Don't you know she looked at me, broke stride, turned around and crawled to me! She literally crawled onto my lap and looked up at me.  I am not exaggerating. Was it coincidence or did I stumble upon the secret that has eluded parents for generations?  Is it possible that in that moment, I decoded baby talk and what sounded like gibberish to me really meant, &qu

Life Lessons: Be Resilient and Live in The Moment

My baby girl turns one in a week and a half and I can barely stand it.  I am so happy that she is happy and well.  Yes, bloggers she had an encounter with her friend's teeth and has lived to tell about it.  Actually, she hasn't just lived, she's thrived.  (I know that you all knew that would be the outcome, but despite my faith, I needed some reassurance! :-)) Also, she appears to have no recollection of the ordeal and is back to crawling, cruising and exploring.  It appears that babies are resilient and live in the moment.  They are really unhappy when the crisis is upon them.  However, after that moment passes they move on to bigger and brighter things--a different toy, something new to learn, or they find some way to amuse themselves. Perhaps we should all try to adopt that approach.  Maybe all of that stuff that we let get on our nerves and the bitterness that we allow to fester ain't that serious.  Perhaps we should adopt the new age approach and "