The Working Mom’s Credo

As working moms we bear the burden of carrying our families on our backs. Indeed, this life is exquisite yet excruciating. Part of the reason it is so hard is because of the inequities at home and at work. While those inequities may make us weary, we can never give up.

Being a working mom is hard, so here's something to make you laugh!

Beyonce, One Working Mom Who Rocked the VMAs

Moms, don't be shy, dance like Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon!

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Beyonce, One Working Mom Who Rocked the Super Bowl (#SuperBowl47)

The Super Bowl Has Something for Everybody

A Working Mom Celebrating Inauguration 2013 With Her Fellow Americans

Friday Tip: Save on Flowers for Valentine's Day

After a certain age, we crave balance...

I am inspired by the Giants!!!