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Mommy Mondays: Sexy Mom v. Saving Mom (the eternal parenting struggle)

Mondays tend to be challenging for everyone. It's often the first day back to work after the weekend and it takes some time to get in the groove. This Monday went a little better than usual though. Yesterday we achieved the impossible. We actually had the house resembling clean before 10:00 PM, which is quite a feat for us. That meant that we were not trying to clean the house in the wee hours of the morning. We actually went to bed at a decent hour. That hasn't happened in months. Because of our productive Sunday I woke up with energy this morning. I also had a car , which was a change from last week. Last week I had to rely on my feet and public transportation . This week I got to ride in style, or at least in my new "Jetta Sportswagen". I have to write "Sportswagen" because I am still a bit in denial that I own a station wagon . Is it possible that I have retired my sexy card and now I am merely a mom? "Merely a mom" seems

Biggest Loser Resort: Great Opportunity to Lose the Baby Weight at a discount

A girl in my building is seven months pregnant and she is worried about losing the baby weight.  Losing the baby weight is a common concern, even if you hadn't heard all of the commentators picking on Jessica Simpson who apparently approached pregnancy by eating her weight in Krispy Kreme donuts.  No judgment. However, Simpson gained A LOT of weight.  It looked like she enjoyed her pregnancy and had a healthy daughter so who cares? Jessica does. It's fairly easy to be fat and happy you during your pregnancy. However, as soon as you deliver, you want to get your sexy back! I believe that Ms. Simpson is going to be a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and take advantage of their weight loss plan to lose her weight. If you are holding on to your baby weight tighter than your baby holds on to her pacifier...  Or you have been drinking your weight in Budweiser and eating your weight in hot dogs since baseball season started and it has caught up with you. Or you would like to

Most Mothers are Too Sexy For Pajama Jeans

When I was pregnant and on maternity leave I had a revelation, yoga pants are about the most comfortable thing ever made. I even thought that I could happily wear them every day. They were soft, stretchy and forgiving.  They did not restrict me and they never gave me a hard time.  They were not quite manna from heaven.  However, I was so grateful because they were there for me in my time of need. Yoga Pants, A Pregnant Woman's Best Friend Yoga Pants felt like wearing pajamas all day! Although my brain was altered from all of the hormones I remembered what I was like pre-pregnancy.  I was flitting around in constricting skinny jeans and high heeled boots. And although I thought I looked pretty hot, that outfit was not nearly as comfortable as the yoga pants and matching shirts that I wore day after day after day while I was on maternity leave.  I thought that I had solved the fashion dilemma, I could be cute and comfortable!