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Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss...

I had an interesting conversation about kissing awhile ago. My date believed that kisses on the lips should be restricted to lovers. He was a little shocked when I told him that on occasion I kiss some of my male friends on the lips. He assumed that my relationships with these friends must be more than friendly. However, he was wrong. To be clear, I don’t kiss all of my male friends this way, only those with whom I am very close. And, I don’t kiss them on the mouth all of the time. However, on occasion, my dearest friends and I have exchanged a kiss on the mouth and/or held hands. We have never confused these gestures with romance because we recognize that there is a difference between what we do and what lovers do. Our friendship kisses are endearing rather than enticing. They are pecks without tongue or titillation. Simply put, they are sweet and innocent. My date objected to my behavior. While I heard his objections, it is unlikely that I will change my practi