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Heartbreak Induced by Dancing With The Stars...

My name is Chatón. I am a lawyer and I watch reality TV ... This season of Dancing With The Stars finale is supposedly over, but I can't get over the result. Helio Castroneves beat my girl Mel B. While I am a bit salty that all of the previous DWTS winners have been men, I am particularly upset about Mel B's loss. Don't get me wrong, I found Helio's energetic quick step enjoyable. He was a joy to watch. But, Mel B.'s mambo was magnetic. As the judges stated, it was as if Mel was born to dance. Each week, she brought such passion and enthusiasm to her dancing that you were glued to the screen. Mel embodied the song and the dance as if she had been doing it her entire life. Doing that was a true accomplishment. Women carry the majority of the burden in ballroom dancing. They are lifted, spun, and forced to split. They must do what the men do, but if they are to "sell it", they must do it better. They must figure out how to epitomize grace in