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The lesson of my health scare...

Since my health scare thoughts about my health have become all consuming. I have also been trying to make sense of my life. I understand more than most that bad things happen to good people—saints and sinners alike. While I haven’t allowed myself to dwell on “why me”, I have struggled to resume my life. Nothing in my life feels like it did before my hospitalization. Even my clothes feel ill fitting. After leaving the hospital I struggled with picking out an outfit. I felt strange donning my normal attire . As desperately as I wanted to “get back to normal” I found it impossible to return to normal when my experience had changed me forever. Putting on my clothes made me feel like I was an impostor--masquerading as a normal girl. Since leaving the hospital I have learned that the severity of my infection could have caused me to lose my limbs, have permanent organ damage, or even die. Every time I look at my hands and legs I am convinced of how blessed I am to be walking