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A Holiday Gift: The Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

There are certain fashion events that get me excited—New York’s Fashion Week , any visit to Century 21 and the collaboration between Target and Neiman Marcus . When I heard that Target and Neiman Marcus were collaborating I almost lost my mind. One of the hallmarks of unique American style is to mix high end with low end. I love seeing women with diamond earrings a diamond encrusted watch, a fur vest and their favorite jeans. It’s so very rock star! I sometimes rock a similar look except I’m missing the dripping in diamonds part… J   The Target + Neiman Marcus Collection = Pure Genius

Comments about Yesterday's Photos...

Some folks have commented about the fashion from yesterday's photos. On, "Night Talk", I wore a dress by Diane Von Furstenberg and a necklace by J. Crew . I also wore a pair of garnet patent leather shoes by Ralph Lauren . I scored the dress at the recent "going out of business sale" at the old Saks Fifth Avenue store in Pittsburgh . I was sad to see the store close, but I did have some very productive trips there during the sale. The necklace is actually three separate necklaces that I found at J. Crew. A colleague has a black necklace that i love that she got in Italy . When I saw the single red strands at J. Crew I decided to see whether I could achieve a similar look. I got close and saved the airfare to Italy! The toddler wore Missoni for Target to the Children's Festival . I was fortunate enough to score a few pieces on a trip to Morgantown, West Virginia last year on a business trip. I had no hope of scoring anything in Pittsburgh or onlin