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It's Finally Friday...

While I enjoy weekends before having a baby I didn't need them as much.  The week was full of work, working out, and working it at events after work.  The weekend was generally full of cocktails and conversation.  I used to think that I was "so busy", but I was misguided. Before I get hate mail .  I am not diminishing what single people do in their lives.  My description above is brief for efficiency sake.  Of course I did more things than that.  I'm active in community, I have been inside of a church numerous times, I have an important job.  Blah, blah, blah. But this is my blog and I am going to tell my story. It may be just me, but I had no idea what busy was until I became a working mom.  This baby, cute as she is, has me coming and going.  I thought that the infant stage was tough because she needed me for everything.  Now that we're turning the corner on toddlerhood, it's gotten busier.  You have to watch her closely and she requires constan