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Mommy Mondays: Cartwheels and Confessions

I have lived long enough that my life has experienced twists and turns and has been turned upside down. I won't bore you with my tales of loves, loss, and libations . Those tales are best left for another post! In that regard, the "confessions" part of this title is a bit misleading.  However, my intern, Olivia, has converted me to her love of alliterations with me and "Cartwheels and Confessions" sounded good.  Seriously though, if you read between the lines you will see that I am confessing quite a bit.  Read closely! Today , I will simply tell you about how my world was turned upside down by choice. As Andre, the toddler and I went for a walk today we passed our neighbor and her six year old daughter on the lawn. The neighbor’s daughter was practicing her gymnastics from her camp cheerleading camp.    She had to master cartwheels and round offs.   Because I am thirteen going on thirty (or something like that...) I decided to show the six year old