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Toddler Tales: Little People Need Little Things

One of the best shopping scores I made for my daughter was an arm chair.   I swear that chair is the best money that I have ever spent. Below is the tale of how I found the chair and how much she loves it. Invariably when I shop I am drawn to the children’s section.   Shopping for the baby is sometimes more fun than shopping for me. Who would have thunk it?! As a lifelong shopaholic I had no idea that shopping could get any better. Anybody who’s looking for the ultimate shopping experience, have a kid!  On MLK Day , my mother and I attended a celebration then we did a bit of shopping.   We went to Pittsburgh ’s new Home Goods store. We’re doing our part to stimulate the economy one shopping trip at a time. Many things caught our attention. However, in addition to a few other things, we left with large quantities of Green Tea , some dish towels, a couple of lamps and the cutest pint sized arm chair you have ever seen. My baby loves the chair. As soon as the chair came home i