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The Power of Showing Up...

The recent loss of my grandmother has taught me about the power of showing up. My mother and I learned of the death of my grandmother while traveling back from China. Ironically, I left her at customs in DC, she traveled to her home in Virginia and I continued on to Pittsburgh. While I was in the United Red Carpet Club during my lay over, I learned of my grandmother’s passing. When I returned to Pittsburgh, I briefly returned to work, cleaned up a bit, and traveled to Rochester for the funeral. Truthfully, I delayed my trip to Rochester. I was dealing with my own grief and doubted that I could contribute anything worthwhile to the preparation process. I reasoned that between my sister, cousins, aunts, uncles and mothers, they had enough help. But I was wrong. At my grandmother's wake though, I was struck about how important it is just to show up. The wake was incredibly well attended. Like any other wake, it was attended by those we expected--those who knew her and loved her, and t