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Wednesday's Working Mom Words of Wisdom: Expressing Easter Gratitude

" the lesson we learn is to passionately express our daily moments with living grace and gratitude ."--philosophy I find inspiration everywhere and today's inspiration was found in an ad for philosophy "living grace" perfume in   InStyle magazine . Go figure! This working mom is truly grateful. T his blog is about my quest for balance in my stilettos. A lot of times my description of my “quest” sounds like the ranting of a woman possessed or at least one who is barely making it work.   While it is true that I feel that way some of the time, the truth also is, I live a truly blessed life that is filled with love and a good deal of what I want to do in addition to those things that I have to do. So, although I did not manage to hit the Powerball and have no plans to leave Andre and take up with that handsome man from New Jersey who did, I am truly grateful for the life I live. Here’s a peek into some of the things from this past weekend that made me

Memorial Day Fashion

Even though I spent most of Memorial Day cleaning the house, I decided to wear a festive outfit. I wore red,white and blue plaid shorts, espadrilles and a pony tail . I like the plaid shorts a lot even though they are a bit different from my normal pattern-free fashion choices.  I have had them for a few years, but based on my read of the fashion magazines this season they have made a come back! If you're curious, they are not made by any known designer. I believe that I scored them at Marshall's , otherwise known as fashion heaven on earth! I got the navy shirt at Target back when Isaac Mizrahi had a line there. I miss those days! Below are some photos.  Let me know what you think! Related articles Red, White and Blue, Are You Wearing it Too? #MemorialDay #Fashion (

An Ode to Memorial Day (and White Jeans)... (Part I)

I have had a soft place in my heart for Memorial Day since becoming an adult and began drinking adult beverages. It is the official beginning of summer. And I have had a crush on summer for sometime. ( See "Summer is My New Boyfriend") Summer is the time when I can wear shorts, let my hair dry naturally and wear it curly, and wear my white jeans . True confession though, I wore white jeans on our vacation to Clearwater Beach, Florida last month. I love my white jeans. I got lucky an scored a boot cut pair by Elie Tahari several years ago and I try to wear them as often as the fashion rules allow. As InStyle magazine points out they can be sporty, dressy, or sexy. They are universal. And they scream "warm weather"! InStyle Magazine "How to Wear White Jeans" Even though I pride myself on being appropriate and knowing fashion rules, the white jean thing is somewhat of a moving target. Some people insist that Memorial Day is the beginning of white je

Friday Tip: Stay in style (Save $2.00 off April Issue of InStyle)

Some times we get so busy with our daily lives that we let our style slip. If you're a mom, it's easy enough to do. The baby needs changing, the bathrooms need cleaning and the floor need mopping. If you're also working outside if the home you have to navigate traffic, manage your work schedule, and meet your deadlines. With all of those demands it's easy for your style to become an after thought. Don't let it happen! Being stylish increases your credibility, increases your self image, and let's your children and partner know that your matter. I'm not talking about spending a lot of money necessarily. I'm a huge fan of discount chains like Marshall's and TJ Maxx. I have also gotten really lucky at Target. Shopping without a plan can be overwhelming though. That's where INSTYLE can help. It's like a style handbook. It can teach you how to put together the clothes you already have and help you identify what you should buy to supplement th

A Style Deal for My Stylish Friends!

If you're like me, you like to keep up with the latest styles.  I am actually old enough that some of the styles I loved in my youth are coming back.  Really?  Yes, really.  Well INSTYLE magazine is about the best way to keep up with what's current.  And since Andre has threatened to throw me out along with all of my magazine subscriptions I am scaling back.  Still, when a deal is this good, I have to take advantage and share with you.  Besides this is just one magazine and not twelve.  So, I'm compromising! Saving $2.00 off of INSTYLE is huge! (Click on the link below to cash in.)  So, consider this your very first Valentine. SMOOCHES!