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Magnetic Impulses...

There have been times in my life that I have been so drawn to another person that it has reminded me of an elemetary science project . The pull is so strong. I'm positive, they're negative, and I am powerless to resist the pull towards them. Generally, when I have felt that pull, it results in some sort of passionate encounter. Unfortunately for you nosey folks out there, this blog entry isn't about that sort of pull... :-) Rather, I wanted to comment about the involuntary pull that seems to occur after you meet someone for the first time. It's a more subtle pull. You're going through your life and BAM! You keep running into them. It is as if the Universe continues to put them in your path almost forcing a relationship of some sort. On Saturday night, I attended Hothouse a fundraiser for the Sprout Fund , an organization that supports the arts here in Pittsburgh . It was a HUGE outdoor party. I heard that they sold 1500 tickets. Because I am me, I m