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Reading on the Run: Articles of Interest for Working Moms

Being a parent is an exercise in humility. And when you think that you have the parenting nut cracked something happens that makes you question your cockiness. Your toddler decides to poop on the floor instead of the potty. She nosedives out the crib instead of going down for a nap. Or, perhaps you serve your daughter spaghetti while she is wearing a white shirt and you question whether the red sauce will come out of her shirt. Perhaps that's just me though!   Parenting Articles for Working Moms   In case you are also looking for parenting advice, below are a list of parenting articles that you may find interesting.  They discuss the pros and cons of being a " tiger mom ", the importance of viewing parenting in the big picture, some crazy parenting advice, and a tale about a father with an unorthodox approach to discipline.   Enjoy!    The Queen Bee's Guide to Parenting The Atlantic A new study in the Asian Ameri