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Last Minute Shopping Tip: Free Shipping!

If you have ignored the advertisements on the television, failed to adhere to the call of the holiday tunes on the radio, somehow missed the incessant pop ups on the internet, and haven't looked at a calendar--I have news for you, Christmas is in five days! What do you get the man who has everything??? With the exception of my dad, I have completed my shopping.  Unfortunately, the gift that I selected for him was out-of-stock.  Now I have to figure out what to get him.  What do you get the man who seems to have everything??? I am seriously, looking for suggestions.  He enjoys reading, chess, and photography.  Does anybody have any suggestions about what I can get him? There is still time to get your gifts in time for Christmas Fortunately, I still have time to find a gift for my dad on the internet and have it arrive by Christmas. I can also avoid shipping costs.  If you still have shopping to do, lack the time to run to the mall and would prefer to complete your sho