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Pinxav, a new diaper rash ointment

Blog readers, I have discovered PINXAV , a new diaper cream that I l-o-v-e!  So, in typical Chaton fashion, I thought I'd share. In the interest of full disclosure I "discovered it" because the company asked me to try it.  While PINXAV has been in business over 84 years they are new to the Pittsburgh market.  For that reason, they asked me to sample the product and to let you all know my thoughts.  Initially, I was skeptical.  It had nothing to do with them.  The representative seemed thoughtful and professional.  Also, the website seemed legitimate.  However, I am an attorney and live in the world where things go wrong and products fail to work as promised.  Also, as you know, I am an overprotective mom. And as nice as the salesman seemed, I was not about to apply some unknown cream to my baby.  So, I did some research. I took the cream with me to the dermatologist who read ingredients and was impressed.  She said that zinc oxide is the gold standard of diap