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Who's good to you might not be best for you...

I have learned a great deal lately from my experiences and those of women who are close to me. Below are some of my reflections: One of the hardest love lessons to learn is that someone can be a good person, a good boyfriend even, but still not be right for you. In other words, you don't have to villify him in order to validate your decision. To believe otherwise negates your ability to make sound decisions. You may decide that you're better off without him. However, when you're lying in your bed alone, you may question your wisdom. You may think about his good qualities and conclude that your recognition of his goodness means that you must have made a mistake. However, when commenting about a friend's situation, my boyfriend commented, "It's not about who's "nice", it's about who's best for a lifetime. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions." The thing is, you have the right to create the life that you want to lead