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Time Management and the “Toddler” mom (Part I)

There are three kinds of people. Those who are always early. Those who are always on time. And those who are always late. Then there is me. I float between all three. I recognize that there are times when being late is just too expensive—when meeting airplanes, at the pediatrician, interviews, when I am the keynote speaker . Those are times when I tend to be early. Sometimes I am so early that it is laughable. I know that’s not a good use of my time, but I am terrified that my bad habits will derail my productivity. So, I overcompensate. In the interest of full disclosure I am late a lot for most other things. Too much. If I’m not careful it has the potential to be my Shakespearean fatal flaw. I get that. So I try really hard to be on time. I really make a concerted effort. Sometimes though life intervenes. I won’t write too much about “life” though. You all know it. You’re deep in it up to your eyeballs. For moms “Life” shows up as traffic, dirty diapers, crying babies, stockings