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There is something about a fireman...

It was another sunny day in Pittsburgh and I saw the most splendid image, a fireman riding on his truck . His uniform was half on and half off. He was wearing a t-shirt that showed off his muscles and fire resistant pants. He was on his way to douse a fire, but he ignited one in me… When I saw him I was standing on the corner waiting to cross street. I have never been so happy to see a “do not walk” sign in my life! As I waited to cross the street, I heard the siren, I saw the lights flashing, and felt the sidewalk trembling. And then for the first time in a long time, I looked inside the truck. That’s when I saw him. Inside the truck were at least four men, but the driver captured my attention. He was tall, dark, and had the strongest looking arms I had seen in real life. He was on a mission to protect and to save. He was wearing sunglasses and possessed absolute focus on the road. His face had such absolute determination that I believed that he could not be stopped.