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Pittsburgh Marathon 2012 (a/k/a "How Mommy Got Her Groove Back")

As you know I participated on a relay team for the Pittsburgh marathon.  I wrote about my team's performance in my recent post ( Lessons Learned from Pittsburgh Marathon 2012) . Well I just learned that my relay team did better than I thought.  We actually finished 17th out of 920 teams!!! I know that the guys made up for my speed, but I was still on the team so YAY!!! I wonder if the other 16 teams had any moms running? We should get extra points for that! LOL As I mentioned in yesterday's piece, I had such a great time competing. I understand why so many men are weekend warriors. Being part of a team makes you try harder.  I know that I would not have run as fast if I was just trying to make good time. However, having my team members rely on me made me dig a little deeper and brought out my best performance.  I was proud yesterday, but even prouder today now that I know we were among the best relay teams. I may even manage to walk taller and switch a little bit, if