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There's no place like Charlottesville...

In Charlottesville, Virginia , everything seems nicer. The fruit tastes sweeter. The mood seems more peaceful. And, the countryside seems more beautiful. And when the University of Virginia football team wins, like it did last weekend, everything seems better, if only for the weekend.   The University of Virginia is a Special Place Whenever I return to Charlottesville my spirit is renewed. While I enjoyed attending the University of Virginia, I have become more connected to the University as an alumnus through a scholarship board on which I serve. And membership has its privileges. This past weekend, I attended the UVA v. Pitt football game. I attended the game in style. I attended a cocktail party at the President's house before the game, My guest and I sat in his box, and the President thanked me for attending the game. While I've attended many games, but this one was indeed special. And while I know that the University did these things to motivate me t